The New Adventures of Mighty Mouse (Cartoon)

Cartoon, Dubbed

The New Adventures of Mighty Mouse (actually billed as Mighty Mouse: The New Adventures) was Ralph Bakshi's revisionist version of the famous Terrytoons superhero. Taking a healthy nod from classic theatrical cartoons, Bakshi's take has stories written by the cartoonists themselves. The result is old school cartoon making, with outrageous visual hyperbole (a model sheet reads "Jim Tyer poses--use with extreme caution!") and verbal puns. Mighty Mouse has a secret identity in this series--he's Mike Mouse, a labeler at the Mouseville cannery (where Pearl Pureheart is his boss). The show features some new villains--the Cow, Petey Pate and the Glove, among them--and a sidekick, Scrappy the orphan mouse.

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