Chaika – The Coffin Princess Avenging Battle (Anime)

Anime, Dubbed

A month has passed since the battle between the flying fortresses, and Chaika, Tohru, and Akari are back on the active hunt for Emperor Gaz's body parts, but the former hero they have run into this time – the mistress of a successful vineyard – is proving quite the troublesome foe, as she is a wizard who can use incantations shorter than Chaika's and her workers and servants are all ex-soldiers recruited when they found themselves without work in the wake of the past war against the Gaz Empire. She magnanimously allows Chaika to duel for the remains, and not even to the death, though her initial failed attempt shows Chaika that she is at a disadvantage that she cannot easily compensate for. Meanwhile other affairs are afoot, such as a possibly-familiar figure observing Chaika and crew, the Council of Five Nations continuing to analyze the lingering influence of Emperor Gaz, and the Gillette Squad trying to regroup in the face of the apparent loss of Gillette and the partial transformation of Vivi into a Chaika-like form. Vivi also has her own first encounter with Guy. (Source: ANN)

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