Bucky O’Hare and the Toad Wars (Cartoon)

Cartoon, Dubbed

"Bucky O'Hare" was set in the Aniverse, a parallel dimension inhabited by anthropomorphic animals. Each planet in the Aniverse was home to a different species of animal - Aldebaren had Cats, Rigel 5 had Koalas, Betelgeusia had Berserker Baboons and so on. Bucky O'Hare himself was a green Hare from the planet Warren, which, at the beginning of the series, has just been taken over by the evil Toads. This prompts Bucky to start a crusade against the Toads, a mission in which he is aided by his friends Deadeye Duck (a former space pirate), Jenny (a Cat with psychic powers), Bruiser (a Betelgeusian Berserker Baboon and brother to former engineer Bruce, who was accidentally zapped into another dimension in the first episode), Blinky (a one-eyed android) and Willy DuWitt (a human boy who can enter the Aniverse via a photon accelerator he built)

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